How to Get a Product Certified

Greener Product can only certify products that fall under the scope of the LEED and NAHB green building standards. In order to become certified, your product(s) must meet the requirements laid out in these standards.
  • Fill out the application form for the Greener Product Seal certification. By filling out the preliminary request, Greener Products will be better able to answer specific questions regarding your products and determine if your products are compliant.
  • When we receive the completed preliminary request, our evaluation team will review your products in seven environmental areas and determine if the products meet the aforementioned standards.
  • Greener Product will then forward your representative a completed Product Compliance Report indicating the details on your product's compliance. Complete, sign, and return the Products Compliance Report, along with the appropriate fee option, to Greener Product's Headquarters office at 9871 Dorchester Rd., Suite 205 North Charleston, SC. 29420 or fax 843.225.5674. Work cannot begin until the fee is paid.
  • Upon receipt of the signed report your company will receive instructions on how to insert the Seal into your web site and how to link to Greener Product.. Additionally Greener Product's will upload all your product information and contact your representative to confirm that the online information is correct.
  • The Greener Product team, assigned to manage your evaluation, will keep in touch with you regarding any additional data needs, further testing required, or other required information.
  • The evaluation process typically takes about 1-2 weeks.
  • On occasion, an audit of the manufacturing facility may be scheduled to confirm the regional resource provision.
  • When a product has completed all requirements and the Certification Seal has been awarded the Greener Product team will work with you on text that spells out the environmental attributes of your product, as well as on any sales and marketing materials. Any use of the Greener Product must be approved in advance by Greener Product and conform to the Using the Greener Product Seal
  • If a product is determined to meet all requirements for certification, Greener Product will grant your company the right to use the Greener Product Certification Seal Mark with regard to the product, its packaging, and its promotion and advertising by awarding an official letter and certificate of certification.
  • Should a product fail to meet the requirements for certification, Greener Products will inform you of the reason(s).