Rules Governing the Use of the Greener Product Certification Seal Mark

Use of the Greener Product Certification Seal Mark.

Use of the Certification Seal Mark (hereinafter “the Mark”), or any portion thereof, in connection with a product constitutes a representation that the product is in compliance with LEED, LEED for Homes and/or NAHB Green standards. The product is subject to a valid Certification Agreement with Greener Product The client must assume full and complete responsibility for its use of the Mark and agree that the Client will, through proper inspection or otherwise, determine that any products bearing the Mark are in compliance with the requirements of Greener Proeduct.

1. Need for Written Authorization Prior to Use. The Mark is a legally protected Certification Seal Mark of Greener Products LLC. No person shall use a Mark or any portion thereof in connection with any product or service, or represent or imply in any way that a product has been certified by Greener Product, unless Greener Product has confirmed, in writing, that the product is certified.

2. Use With Other Claims. Unless approved in writing by Greener Product, the Mark shall not appear in conjunction with any product or service bearing uncertified environmental claims.

3. Use of the Mark in Advertising. The Mark may be used in product advertising or promotion or product literature provided that: (a) the advertising or literature does not represent or imply that any noncertified products or services have been certified; and (b) unless otherwise approved in writing by Greener Product, the advertising or literature does not contain any uncertified environmental claims for the certified product or service.

4. Right of Advance Approval of Use of Mark and Green Seal Name. Greener Product retains the right to review and approve in advance the use of its name, the Mark, or any representations concerning its program. Such right may be exercised in the Certification Agreement or by a separate written request made to the manufacturer. To assist Greener Product's oversight of the use of the Mark, the Client shall provide Greener Product with copies of all uses of the Mark upon request.

Use of Greener Product Publications

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