What We Do

Connecting, Educating and Informing Green Building Professionals

Greener Product works with manufacturers, purchasing groups, architects and engineers, educational institutions and governments at all levels to help professionals build green buildings through the production and purchasing chain. We evaluate a product beginning with material extraction, composition and end with the performance Products become Greener Product certified after rigorous evaluation, testing and the application of the most demanding "green" standards.

Greener Product's services include:
  • LEED and NAHB Calculator - Help architects find green building materials that are compliant with the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) and National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) green building standards..
  • Education and Training - Provide  IREA certified renewable energy training  (solar, wind, solar thermal). Offer  USGBC approved continuing education courses to the 175,000 USGBC members.
  • Business Information - State-of-the art dashboard technology provides the green marketplace with proprietary data and analysis of sustainable and healthy building products.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Greener Product believes in collaboration with like-minded individuals, organizations and countries to expand the awareness of sustainable development, and therefore actively seeks Strategic  Partnerships in developing the green marketplace.

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