Why We're Different

Greener Product - a name you can trust

The Greener Product process, for evaluating products, is objective, fair, collaborative, open and completely transparent.

We apply the LEED and NAHB standards ( used by over 95% of green professionals) to building products. Once a product has been evaluated and deemed to comply the product is awarded the Greener Product Certification Seal. By using objective standards and third-party certifiers Greener Product remains unbiased and able to certify environmentally preferred products that are high in performance and quality. Learn more about how we certify products.

1. Greener Product will only qualify a product after an extensive in-house verification process has been completed. This process is  based on independent third-party certification (TPC), supporting documentation i.e. LEED, a factory site visit and/or other appropriate information deemed necessary to qualify the product.

2. Product environmental claims are verified so that information, supplied by manufacturers and others, can be checked for accuracy before being published online at GreenerProduct.com. This avoids manufacturers making misleading or totally incorrect statements (with respect to environmental attributes) about their products such as air quality, recycled content even certified wood.

3. Education is vital for the continued success of green building. For this reason Greener Product does not charge a fee for anyone to use the service. In this way we encourage a wider audience to learn about what makes building products “green”,  who are the environmentally responsible manufacturers (verified through third party certification and other documentation) and where sustainable products are available. Greener Product does not advertising any product or service on the GreenerProduct.com web site. Although asked by manufactures and many others we believe it is vital that we remain independent and offer the user totally objective and verifiable information.

4. Competitive Marketplace - One of the growing problems in green building is the high cost of sustainable and healthy building products. To address this problem Greener Product is unique in the fact that we have establishing a total “green marketplace” where similar products can compete based on their environmental attributes. In the past many high quality manufacturers did not have any method for presently their products directly to the end-user i.e. architects due to the high cost and lack of an extensive marketing budget.